Wall Bracing Code Verification

What is wall bracing and why is it such a big deal?

Proper wall bracing, as prescribed by Chapter 6 of the MN State Residential Code, is critical in the design of any home. What IS wall bracing? It is a system of specially constructed wall segments attached to the roof, floor, and foundation that resist lateral (sideways) loads created by wind blowing against the sides of a structure. In general, lateral loads are considered to act horizontally, whereas loads resulting from the force of gravity (snow and the weights of materials, furnishing and occupants) are considered to act vertically, making it important to build a structure that can withstand both forces. Compliance is critical not only because it contributes to life safety and adds to the overall structural quality of a house, but because the code requires it.

Wall Bracing Code Verification Services include…

Knowledgeable, professional wall bracing designers evaluate the submitted house plans and determine a code compliant wall bracing design that include plans and worksheets for a new home or home addition for submittal with a building permit application.
Expert service available to homeowners, builders, and contractors.
WBCVS also does wall bracing review on plans submitted to cities where the inspectors lack sufficient time or expertise to verify compliance.

The WBCVS Advantage

  • WBCVS professionals will analyze your proposed plans and provide the drawings, diagrams, calculations, and worksheets that will meet Code requirements.
  • WBCVS will provide a full set of wall bracing plans detailing all brace wall lines and brace wall panel construction that meets the minimum requirements of the MN State Residential Building Code.
  • WBCVS will advocate for your wall bracing design with the local Building Official if there are questions or concerns.
  • WBCVS design and verification at the time of plan development saves contractors and home owners time and money once in the field.
  • WBCVS wall bracing plans ensure sturdy construction, equating to safe, durable homes.
  • WBCVS can augment your building inspections department with highly-qualified professionals to review submitted plans for compliance.